Decoding India’s Digital Consumer

India has more than 500mn Mobile Users
See this interesting video by Nielsen India on how social media is going to change the way Indian consumers are connecting & engaging with each other and what it means for marketers in the APAC region to target this demographic.


Economics of Social Gaming

Mashable published a new infographic about the economcis of Social Gaming, and gave out a few really important statistics we were waiting to hear. A few key points are:

  • $6 billion to be spent for virtual goods in 2013
  • 70-80% of all mobile downloads are games
  • Angry Birds has a reached a total 140 million downloads
As always, you can find the infographic here:
Economics of Social Gaming


Wonderful Infographic explaining some of the innovative uses of NFC technology and predicting it’s future. For the advertising industry this is something that we have already started seeing a few innovative uses of (NFC enabled posters, facebook check-ins etc), and in the near future its only going to get better.

NFC Technology

Source: Chris Rawlinson

INFOGRAPHIC: Mobile Commerce

The Mobile Market is Huge, and Mobile Apps and Advertising have a promising growth. Socialcast made this pretty infographic with stats on Mobile Applications, Advertising and Mobile Commerce. Some of the key stats include:-

  • 50 Billion Apps will be downloaded in 2012 alone
  • 24% prefer to pay via credit card for mobile purchases
  • $38 billion estimated revenue from app purchases in 2012 by Forrester
Check the infographic here and share with your friends!
Mobile Commerce & Apps

INFOGRAPHIC: 38% Smartphone users say they cannot survive without Mobile Apps


When the smartphone came around, we started a new era in online activity. The amount of online time in our lives skyrocketed, and we started doing pretty much everything on the Internet. We pretty much never logged out. Downtime was cut to a minimum, and even after we left the office, we continued to work like maniacs just to please the boss in hopes of a raise or even a promotion. If you are a freelancer or business owner, you definitely know what I am talking about.

SocialCast, has released a new infographic about the Mobile Workforce. You can click on the image to enlarge it: