INFOGRAPHIC: Retargeting on Facebook

In June 2012, Facebook introduced Retargeting with the launch of Facebook Exchange (FBX) which facilitates real time bidding across Facebook’s ad inventory. I came across this handy infographic on how facebook exchange and retargeting functions.

Courtesy: Marketing Land

A Marketer's Guid to Retargeting on Facebook

ADrenalinas Advertising Festival: Advertising Truth Campaign

Amazing Campaign highlighting the truth about Advertising by the ADrenalinas Advertising Festival. Do share your views in the comments below:

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Coca-Cola : Smiley Ad

Coca Cola Smiley Print Ad

Keep it simple has always been a golden rule in advertising. With this print ad for Coca-Cola they are spot on. In line with the ‘open happiness’ campaign they didn’t have to search far to find inspiration. There is even happiness to be found in the Coca-Cola logo.

Source: Creative Criminals

INFOGRAPHIC: Mobile Commerce

The Mobile Market is Huge, and Mobile Apps and Advertising have a promising growth. Socialcast made this pretty infographic with stats on Mobile Applications, Advertising and Mobile Commerce. Some of the key stats include:-

  • 50 Billion Apps will be downloaded in 2012 alone
  • 24% prefer to pay via credit card for mobile purchases
  • $38 billion estimated revenue from app purchases in 2012 by Forrester
Check the infographic here and share with your friends!
Mobile Commerce & Apps

INFOGRAPHIC: ROI of Social Media

The guys from MDG Advertising have made a brilliant infographic highlighting all the statistics of returns on Social Media. A few key results are:

  • 73% of companies plan to increase their social networking through Twitter (77% YouTube, 75% Facebook)
  • 96% of CMOs are starting to look beyond sales and web metrics when gauging the value of social media campaigns
  • 76% of businesses are using social networking for business objectives, and 55% of them increased their social media budgets in 2011
ROI of Social Media