The World of Social Media 2011 #videoinfographic

Facebook surpasses Google's Traffic

This video infographic shows all the latest facts & figures about social media in 2011. Have a look below:


Is Apple now the Big Brother?

Statistics say that Apple’s value is around $370 billion which is a remarkable amount of money, but it probably just means another number unless you have a look at the infographic below to see how it compares to other industries out there. Being one of the highest valued and most admired company, it has lots to dal with after the death of its visionary CEO – Steve Jobs. Check this beautiful infographic spotted at TNW and see the making of the largest company which you make up by buying those Macs, iPads, iPhones and iPods at premium! Now the question is whether Apple is the new Big Brother, countering its earlier vision?

INFOGRAPHIC: Inside Look at the Social Consumer

Today, search on the web is the principal influence consumers use to purchase a product or service. Depending on the consumer, they might turn to their friends on Facebook or search the web using Google. If a company has a brand to sell, they should know what social media channels they need to be using to reach their audience and the company’s SEO needs to be impeccable.

This infographic is brought to you by M Booth and Beyond. It analyzes the similarities and differences between high and low sharers when it comes to different purchasing decisions. High sharers are 3 times more likely to recommend a product than low sharers. Are you a high sharer or low sharer?

Inside a Social Consumer

INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media World in Statistics

Another brilliant infographic by SocialBakers, using their engagement metrics tool they have generated the best data available and created this infographic.

Social Media World in Statistics

INFOGRAPHIC: Mobile Commerce

The Mobile Market is Huge, and Mobile Apps and Advertising have a promising growth. Socialcast made this pretty infographic with stats on Mobile Applications, Advertising and Mobile Commerce. Some of the key stats include:-

  • 50 Billion Apps will be downloaded in 2012 alone
  • 24% prefer to pay via credit card for mobile purchases
  • $38 billion estimated revenue from app purchases in 2012 by Forrester
Check the infographic here and share with your friends!
Mobile Commerce & Apps

Nielsen Social Media Report

Nielsen just published their Social Media Report for Q3 of 2011. Some of the key stats are:

  • Females make up the majority visitors to social networks and blogs, most likely between 18-34
  • 97% of users yet access internet through a PC/Laptop while 40% access from their handhelds
  • 47% have Social Networking apps on their smartphones
  • 24% check in to places using their mobile devices
  • Women view more videos, but men watch them longer
Here is the embedded copy of the Slide-Deck with a nice infographic feel to it:

INFOGRAPHIC: ROI of Social Media

The guys from MDG Advertising have made a brilliant infographic highlighting all the statistics of returns on Social Media. A few key results are:

  • 73% of companies plan to increase their social networking through Twitter (77% YouTube, 75% Facebook)
  • 96% of CMOs are starting to look beyond sales and web metrics when gauging the value of social media campaigns
  • 76% of businesses are using social networking for business objectives, and 55% of them increased their social media budgets in 2011
ROI of Social Media

Anatomy of a Facebook Fan [INFOGRAPHIC]

What is it with Facebook fans that make them so much more interactive and engaging? Well, it can be explained simply by looking at this infographic called The Anatomy Of A Facebook Fan by MoonToast. It really penetrates the different levels of Facebook fans and gives you the inner details of how a fan works, and how things spread through their engagement. We often see a more instant trend when one of our articles goes viral on Facebook rather than when one article is tweeted on Twitter by a “super tweeter” with a lot of influence. The “staying power” of a Like on Facebook seems to last a little longer compared to a super tweet. It of course has to do with the speed of the social network “wall” in question, and that’s really the only way to explain it. Have a look at this infographic, and you will probably know everything there is to know about a Facebook fan:

Anatomy of a Facebook Fan

INFOGRAPHIC: 26 Million users Play Social Games on their Mobile Devices

The guys over at Rounds have been researching a lot around the social networking gaming industry, and they created a truly awesome and informative infographic about the evolution of social gaming.This infographic will take you from the early stages of gaming in 1972 to today’s billion dollar gaming industry, and all within this infographic. One of the most successful social media games is of course FarmVille, but there are countless of other games that are bagging money by the boatload. If you have ever played a social game, you know exactly how addictive those games are. That is exactly why social gaming is such a huge industry. What would you say are the most addictive social games and why do you think you keep playing them? Have a look at the infographic below, and click to enlarge it.

The Evolution of Social Gaming

[Sources: BitRebels]

INFOGRAPHIC: 38% Smartphone users say they cannot survive without Mobile Apps


When the smartphone came around, we started a new era in online activity. The amount of online time in our lives skyrocketed, and we started doing pretty much everything on the Internet. We pretty much never logged out. Downtime was cut to a minimum, and even after we left the office, we continued to work like maniacs just to please the boss in hopes of a raise or even a promotion. If you are a freelancer or business owner, you definitely know what I am talking about.

SocialCast, has released a new infographic about the Mobile Workforce. You can click on the image to enlarge it: