Decoding India’s Digital Consumer

India has more than 500mn Mobile Users
See this interesting video by Nielsen India on how social media is going to change the way Indian consumers are connecting & engaging with each other and what it means for marketers in the APAC region to target this demographic.


AXE Auto Romeo

AXE Auto Romeo
One of my favorite brands online – AXE just launched a new mobile app. Solves a simple problem of the typical AXE Man – handling multiple girls at any single time. The concept is, while you’re on a date with one, the app helps you flirt with the other girls by just feeding in a few points in advance. App can be downloaded for iPhone & Android by clicking here. Watch the video below to get an idea:



Wonderful Infographic explaining some of the innovative uses of NFC technology and predicting it’s future. For the advertising industry this is something that we have already started seeing a few innovative uses of (NFC enabled posters, facebook check-ins etc), and in the near future its only going to get better.

NFC Technology

Source: Chris Rawlinson

INFOGRAPHIC: Mobile Commerce

The Mobile Market is Huge, and Mobile Apps and Advertising have a promising growth. Socialcast made this pretty infographic with stats on Mobile Applications, Advertising and Mobile Commerce. Some of the key stats include:-

  • 50 Billion Apps will be downloaded in 2012 alone
  • 24% prefer to pay via credit card for mobile purchases
  • $38 billion estimated revenue from app purchases in 2012 by Forrester
Check the infographic here and share with your friends!
Mobile Commerce & Apps

Nielsen Social Media Report

Nielsen just published their Social Media Report for Q3 of 2011. Some of the key stats are:

  • Females make up the majority visitors to social networks and blogs, most likely between 18-34
  • 97% of users yet access internet through a PC/Laptop while 40% access from their handhelds
  • 47% have Social Networking apps on their smartphones
  • 24% check in to places using their mobile devices
  • Women view more videos, but men watch them longer
Here is the embedded copy of the Slide-Deck with a nice infographic feel to it:

Future of Mobile Payments [INFOGRAPHIC]

G+ (and no, we don’t mean Google+) has created a new infographic which predicts how the mobile payments industry might shape up in the near future. Mobile payments are growing, and fast too.

The infographic looks pretty slick, and numbers represent a great hope for the industry. Check it out and let us know what you think about it in comments below:

McDonalds Interactive Pick ‘n’ Play Billboard

An awesome idea for McDonalds by DDB Stockholm where they created an interactive game on a billboard which could be played by anyone in the play area without downloading an app. Interesting concept, with a crazy execution.

LYNX Stream App


Lynx and Razorfish have created a new app called “Lynx Stream” which is made around night outs, importantly the ones which you can’t remember.

This app tracks all your mobile activity on the night, and portrays it in a timeline once you have created an event and invited your friends.

It shows all your activity like Twitter Posts, foursquare check-ins, facebook posts, pictures, etc.

Free Budweiser if its Hot

Budweiser has launched a new app called “Budweiser Ice Cold Index” which will reward fans in Ireland with free Budweiser when they need one: when it’s hot outside. The app works by giving user e-vouchers after tracking their location and the weather(on designated days, when the temperature rises to 16 degrees Celsius and beyond). These vouchers can be redeemed at 2,500+ bars in Ireland.

Traffic Sign as QR Codes?

If you have to sell FIAT’s most advanced car in history to the most tech savvy generation, than Leo Burnett Iberia came up with the right solution. They created an app which reads any traffic sign as a QR code and respective to that gives a related feature of the car. In a week, more than a million signs were scanned through the app. You can watch it in action here: