INFOGRAPHIC: Retargeting on Facebook

In June 2012, Facebook introduced Retargeting with the launch of Facebook Exchange (FBX) which facilitates real time bidding across Facebook’s ad inventory. I came across this handy infographic on how facebook exchange and retargeting functions.

Courtesy: Marketing Land

A Marketer's Guid to Retargeting on Facebook

Top 10 Campaigns of 2012

2012 was a crazy year and looking at the number of posts, you can judge it was a busy one for me. Today, I thought of compiling the 10 best campaigns of 2012 according to my opinion. Please have a look and share the post with your friends.


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Right Brain vs. Left Brain Marketer

Marketo posted this infographic, visualizing the difference between right brain vs. left brain marketing. As they write: “Psychologists and personality theorists have long believed there to be differences between the right and the left side of the brain. The right side of your brain is responsible for creativity, while the left side handles the details and implementation. The left side is analytical while the right side is artistic.”

Frankly, the infographic feels quite dated. If you’re pure right brain or left brain marketer in today’s market environment, you will fail. Pure art with no science attached to it lacks effectiveness. Pure science with no art lacks emotion and passion. You need both sides of the brain to succeed.


ADrenalinas Advertising Festival: Advertising Truth Campaign

Amazing Campaign highlighting the truth about Advertising by the ADrenalinas Advertising Festival. Do share your views in the comments below:

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One Letter is All it Takes!

Claro, the biggest mobile phone company in Latin America, launched a series of posters using typography to remind drivers about the dangers of texting while driving.

Traffic accidents due to texting while driving are increasing at the same rate as smartphone sales in Brazil. The letters A, S, I and T are presented in ways that show the impact one letter can have on the lives of drivers and people surrounding them.

The Portuguese message, “Basta uma letra. Enquanto dirige, não envie torpedos”, translated in English, “One letter is all it takes. Don’t text and drive”. The posters were displayed in more than 1,000 Claro stores and people started talking about it on Facebook, blogs and websites. The campaign won a Gold Press Lion and Bronze Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.



Best of Cannes 2012 in 100 Slides

Cannes Slide

We all love presentations crafted by Jesse Desjardins. And when it comes to the world’s biggest advertising festival, you’re bound to gain a lot of insights and knowledge and interact with amazing people at Cannes. Last year we compiled Jesse’s 100 Beautiful Slides at Cannes 2011 presentation, and he is back this year with a fresh set. Have a look:

Curators of @Sweden – Case Study

Sweden Twitter

Every week, someone in Sweden is @Sweden: sole ruler of the world’s most democratic Twitter account. For seven days, he or she shares their everyday life, private opinions and general reflections. After that, someone else does the same — but differently.

The response was overwhelming. Sweden attracted over 25 000 followers from 120 countries and started thousands of conversations. Featured in all major media globally for a PR value above $19,800,000. Not only that but it won the Grand Prix at Cannes 2012.

Watch the case study here:

GOLD in Digital Any Other: “Curators od Sweeden”. from Art Directors Club of Europe on Vimeo.

Coca-Cola: Positive Footage from Security Cameras

When we see any Security camera footage we always witness a negative incident – a robbery, theft, attack, shooting and other acts of crime. What about the positive side, these cameras are on throughout the day, even when positive things are happening in front of the camera. Coke has created this montage of positive footages found in security camera’s across the globe. Have a look at it, and share the bright side of life!



Coca-Cola : Smiley Ad

Coca Cola Smiley Print Ad

Keep it simple has always been a golden rule in advertising. With this print ad for Coca-Cola they are spot on. In line with the ‘open happiness’ campaign they didn’t have to search far to find inspiration. There is even happiness to be found in the Coca-Cola logo.

Source: Creative Criminals


Salta Rugbeer
Argentina is one of the country well-known for having a huge football following, but the northern Salta province of Argentina has more rugby followers than football. Argentina’s Salta Beer wanted to target these rugby lovers by creating a beer vending machine which one has to tackle before getting a can!